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Dixon's Distilled Spirits

355 Elmira Road North Unit 106
Guelph, ON
N1K 1S5

We are the first local distillery of craft spirits to arrive in Guelph, Ontario.

We’ve always been interested in taking quality, local, natural products and fashioning them into artisanal, small-batch spirits. With the raw materials in our backyard and our fascination with craft distilling ingrained, we set out in 2013 to create 100% Canadian spirits for those who appreciate libations that are literally forged from the land.

Locally made, Unbelievably smooth.

Local Ontario farmers supply us with the finest grains they harvest. These are carefully added by hand to our mash tun, mixed with fresh spring water, and heated. We slowly cook the starches out of the grains and convert them into sugars. The warm mash is then pumped into one of our custom fermentors. During the fermentation process, sugars are converted to alcohol via our special strain of yeast. Once this process has run its course, we pump the mash into our pot still where it then is distilled. Our spirits are then carbon filtered to ensure a clean, pure, smooth taste. Bottling and labeling are are done by hand, in house.

When the process is finally complete, our mash of water and spent grains are given back to the local farmers to feed thier cattle. High in protein, and warm it’s a much appreciated treat for the cattle.

We offer Tastings and Tours! Your 1 hour event includes a full tour of how your spirits are made followed by a tasting. Small or large groups are both welcome. For large groups please call or email ahead.

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