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Grace Addiction Counselling

Grace Addiction Counselling logo

Providing Addiction Counselling and Support Counselling in response to impact of covid-19 on mental health.  Counselling is available in person in Guelph or by secure video call. 

Addiction Counselling: Individual counselling by video call or in person.  My focus is to help anyone struggling with the effects of addictions.  This could be directly or indirectly, within families, marriages or other relationships.  You may personally be experiencing an addiction.  You may have a loved one you are supporting through addiction and recovery.  You may have hurt from your past due to someone else's addiction.  

Supportive Counselling: Individual counselling by video call or in person.  Covid-19 has caused increase levels of worry and anxiety for many of us.  I provide a safe place to talk and rediscover your strength during difficult and challenging times.  You will be given the space to be heard without judgement by someone outside of your situation.  Together we will identify coping skills to help better manage stress and improve relationships.


Grace Van Ankum Addiction Counsellor 226.791.0064