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Rapid Access Addition Medicine Clinic Waterloo Wellington

229 Main Street S.
Mount Forest, ON
N0G 2L1

The Safer Supply program is a health service that permits medical doctors and nurse practitioners to prescribe medications that reduce or eliminate a client’s reliance on the toxic illegal drug supply. Through the program, individuals with complex addictions are also supported by a wraparound team of healthcare professionals including substance use counselling, peer support, and connections to social and health services.

Stonehenge Therapeutic Community (STC) is pleased to partner with the Guelph Community Health Centre to meet the needs of residents of rural Wellington. This Safer Supply program works in conjunction with our Rapid Access Addiction Medicine clinics (RAAM) and therefore shares the same contact info

.Our Safer Supply Clinic is located in Mount Forest, ON. This is a walk-in style clinic with an on-site Nurse Practitioner, Addiction Counsellor, and Peer Counsellor.