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Red Fife by Rowe

7792 Mill Road
Guelph, ON
N1H 6J1

Rowe Family Farms, we have been ethically raising grass-fed, antibiotic-free cattle for over 40 years. Sustainability in food production has always been a top priority for us and that is why today we bring you a not-so-new, yet sustainable alternative to modern wheat. A heritage wheat variety called Red Fife.

Red Fife is one of the first wheat varieties grown in Canada and it has remained unmodified. It is hundreds of years old and it possesses properties lost in modern wheat. This sustainable crop grows well in a smaller-scale, it doesn't require fertilizer or pesticides, and its carbon footprint is minimal.

We grow our Red Fife Wheat organically and our pasta is made fresh at the farm after stone-milling on a weekly basis.